It all started when…….

Theresa lost her job working in the legal sector in 2008 while a few weeks pregnant with her second child.

Generally working in a corporate environment does not allow you to tap into your creative side, so not too daunted by the prospect of starting something completely out of her comfort zone (or so she thought) Theresa signed herself up to an evening course in Floristry, with images of having lots of lovely flowers dotted around her home.

Theresa knew immediately that she’d found something that she loved which excited and inspired her, reinforced even more so by the fact that her teacher took her to the side on the first night and told her ‘she had a bit of a flair’ for flower arranging!

Spurred on by her new love of all things flowers, Theresa did some research and signed up onto the various courses run by the renowned Kay’s School of Floristry in Dublin.  Theresa’s first wedding came from a lovely bride posting on Kay’s School website looking for a newly qualified florist fresh with new ideas for their wedding……….and it snowballed from there!

The name……….

Petite Fleurs is French for Little Flowers which came about when Theresa and her husband were thinking up names for the business and Theresa recalled that her mother told her she named her after St. Therese of Lisieux, who was known as the ‘Little Flower’.  So it would seem that the creation of Petite Fleurs was always meant to be!  Incidentally, the debate continues between Theresa and her husband as to which one of them actually chose the name Petite Fleurs!